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Register of Mines and Minerals, Sierra Nevada Counties
California State Mining Bureau (1900-1906)

This Web-on-CD provides scanned images of mine registers for eleven Sierra Nevada counties, published beginning in 1900 by the State of California State Mining Bureau under title Register of mines and minerals. The registers are for:

Amador County (1903)
Butte County (1904)
Calaveras County (1900)
El Dorado County (1902)
Mariposa County (1903)
Nevada County (190?)
Placer County (1902)
Plumas County (1900)
Sierra County (1903)
Tuolumne County (1903)
Yuba County (1905)


Navigating the Web: The Web-on-CD is designed for use with Internet Explorer or Netscape on PCs (Mac users may experience some problems). A "Contents" page is provided for each register, with thumbnail images of each page or map.  Links from the "Contents" page open newwindows for viewing the details of maps and text of the tables.  Scrolling is required to view each row of data on a give mine or mill, which is frequently split between two opposing pages. 

Report Text: These registers tabulated and mapped the mines, mills, and other mineral developments that were active at the beginning of the 20th Century.  For example, for lode mines the tables list:

Map location number
Name of mine
Nearest town or Post Office
Location (Section, Township, & Range)
Whether patented
Vein data: number, width, strike, and dip
Character of ore
Hanging wall and foot wall material
Developments (lineal feet): shaft, incline, open cut, tunnel, and drifts
The number of stamps in the mill (if any) and the power source
Number of men employed
Name and address of superintendent or owner
Remarks on area of the operation.

Printing Map and Text Images: Text and map pages are GIF images, and the large maps are TIFF images. Printing these images from your browser may not give good formatting results. Instead, you may wish to right-click the image and save it to a folder for printing with a graphics program, or with a freeware graphics viewer/printer application.

Notes on Quality:  The quality of the images of text and maps was limited by the condition of the originals available, and by the care needed to preserve them. Some "originals" were themselves photocopies, and some were tightly bound, so that edge text was lost. Some of the maps were torn, and some had sections missing. Some maps were encapsulated to protect them, and that covering limited the clarity of the image. An original of the Tuolumne County map could not be found, so a map from another source is provided here. And, because the large County maps were scanned in greyscale, the original red numbered annotations locating the mines are shown in grey.  If you discover better originals of the registers and maps, or if you locate an original of the Tuolumne County map, please let me know so that I can improve the Web-on-CD. If you find any errors, or if you have suggestions for improving this Web-on-CD, please email me.


Below is a reduced screenshot from the Registers web.

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