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Our Subjects and Series

Gold Mining Collection:

California Gold Mining and Geology (1850-1923) - 8 CDs available.
California Gold Lodes series. - 4 CDs available:
       Gold Quartz Veins of the Alleghany District, California.(1932)
       Gold Quartz Veins of Grass Valley, California. (1940)
       Gold-Quartz Veins of Nevada City and Grass Valley Districts, California. (1896)
       The Mother Lode System of California. (1929)
Mining Machinery (1870-1920) - 6 CDs available.

Local California Histories Collection:

California County Histories (1880-1890) - 3 CDs available:
       Yuba County (1879)
       Sacramento County (1880)
       Placer County (1882)
California County Booster Books (1890-1920) -
4 CDs available:
       Imperial Fresno (1897)
       Sacramento County - Where California Fruits Grow (1894 & 1895)
       Sacramento County - Sacramento Through the Camera (1901)
       Tuolumne County (1909)

Picturesque Travels Collection:

Visitor Guides to Yosemite and Big Trees (1895-1922) - 1 CD available.
"Picturesque" America Books (1880-1900) - 1 CD available:
       Picturesque Rhode Island (1881)
A Series of Picturesque Views of Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain
       and Ireland. -- "The County Seats" (1880) -
1 CD available.
"Pictures drawn with pen and pencil" Travel Books (1870-1890) -
5 CDs available.

Railroad Travel Collection:

United States Railroad Travel Guides (1860-1920) - 12 CDs available.

American Cities Collection:

San Francisco Memories (1890-1920) - 2 CDs available.
       Modern San Francisco (1906 & 1908)
       Reports on the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of April 1906 (1906-1907)
New York City Memories (1880-1915) -
10 CDs available.
       See the special bundle prices for all 10 CDs, and for the Moses King CDs.
       Miller's New York As It Is 1865 - Or Strangers Guide-Book...(1866)
       1876 & 1888 New York City Guides & Business Directories
       Moses King’s Handbook of New York City (1892)
       Moses King’s Photographic Views of New York (1895)
       Moses King's Notable New Yorkers of 1896-1899 (1899)
       Moses King's Views of New York (1903 & 1911)
       Moses King's Views of the New York Stock Exchange (1897) & two histories.
       Greater New York Illustrated (1897) & 100 Views of Greater New York (1899)
       Shepp's New York City Illustrated (1894)
       Zeisloft's The New Metropolis (1899)

Rivers, Canals, and Water Development Collection:

Early Water and Electric Power Development (1890-1930) - 4 CDs available.

Victorian Technology Collection:

The Modern System of Naval Architecture. (1865) - 1 CD available.
Early Railroad Technology -
1 CD available.
Steam Fire Engines -
1 CD available.
Topical Collections on Technology from Cassier's Magazine (1891-1913) -
4 CDs

Other Topics:

Vintage American Catalogs (1880-1920) - 1 CD available.

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