Beyond Books: 10 Great Gift Ideas for History Lovers

The go-to gift for history buffs always seems to be either a book or a t-shirt, which after a few years becomes boring.  Plus, there are only so many wordy books one can plow through. But in reality, there are so many other gifts that could inspire and delight the history lover in your world.…

May History Hits: The Opening of the Golden Gate Bridge

The 1937 opening of the Golden Gate Bridge was a week-long affair dubbed the “Golden Gate Fiesta. “ The event started with a pedestrian only opening on May 27th and then opened to automobiles on May 28th after US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt pressed a telegraph key.

Book Review: The Lincoln Conspiracy

Abraham Lincoln was marked for death from the minute he was elected.  Apparently, even he understood his grave fate. I recently read “The Lincoln Conspiracy,” by bestselling authors, Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch which details the very first, purported attempt on his life prior to his inauguration on March 4,1861.


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Great Quotes in History

One of the best ways to remember our common history is to share all of the memorable, funny, elegant and amazing quotes that have helped to shape modern thinking.

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