On This Day: The Pennsylvania Evening Post

The Pennsylvania Evening Post was established in Philadelphia in May 1783 and became the first daily newspaper in America. Founded by Benjamin Towne, a prominent printer, the newspaper aimed to provide the burgeoning nation with a reliable source of news and opinion. Its initial focus centered around the local Philadelphia community, but it quickly gained a national reputation for its incisive reporting and insightful commentary.

During its early years, the Pennsylvania Evening Post became known for its steadfast support of the principles of liberty and independence. As the fledgling United States grappled with the challenges of nation-building, the newspaper played a pivotal role in disseminating ideas and encouraging civic engagement. It championed the values of individual rights and democratic governance.

Over the years, the Pennsylvania Evening Post bore witness to significant historical events that shaped the course of American history. It reported on the ratification of the Constitution and the election of George Washington. It published the first newspaper printing of the Declaration of Independence (1). The publication held a reputation for editorial integrity and thought-provoking content. Its op-eds, letters to the editor, and in-depth investigative reporting stimulated public discourse and influenced public opinion. Though the newspaper’s publication window was short, it showed the incredible influence a nation’s free press can have on its citizens.

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