Beyond Books: 10 Great Gift Ideas for History Lovers

The go-to gift for history buffs always seems to be either a book or a t-shirt, which after a few years becomes boring.  Plus, there are only so many wordy books one can plow through. But in reality, there are so many other gifts that could inspire and delight the history lover in your world.

Below are 10 stellar ideas for your history buff:

  1. Retro Bluetooth Speakers- We all have and use Bluetooth speakers, but these retro speakers really evoke nostalgia for times gone by.  I made an Amazon list of about 48 different options in various price ranges.  One of my favorites is this adorable Looptone speaker which received rave reviews.
  1. Vintage Record Players- Alongside the written word, music also holds the memories of the past.  Vinyl records have made a major comeback in recent years and with that there are now a large and gorgeous selection of record players.  I have earmarked 46 different options that look amazing and will take your history lover back to a simpler time.

3. Retro Keyboards and typewriters- Take your history buff on a trip to the past everyday with a historically inspired, retro keyboard or authentic typewriter.  Add a note encouraging the history lover in your life to journal or record their life story to complete the gift. Click on the link to find 37 options for this gift.

  1. Vintage Board Games- Ready for a hearty game of Battleship or Sorry or Mystery Date?  I have picked out 56 different board game options that will make your history buff smile.
  2. Retro Toasters- This collection of mostly mid-century toaster dreams will perk up the historian in your life, and let’s face it, loving history is more than loving facts and figures, it is a lifestyle that appreciates the past in all things.  These 66 swoon-worthy toasters will brighten up your loved ones’ mornings! 
  1. Vintage Inspired Coffee Makers- What’s old is now new and these darling coffee makers will take you back to the absolute good old days.
  1. Retro Tea Kettles- Does your history buff love tea more than coffee?  No problem. I have picked out 20 adorable kettles that will brighten up your tea times.
  1. Vintage Coca Cola Products- The 71 items in this gift idea list range from vintage Coke apparel and advertisements to vintage soda fridges, straw holders and lots of things in between.
  1. Retro Art and Photo Prints- This has 59 prints, photographs and works of art to decorate your history buffs’ walls, which will inspire your historian everyday.
  2. Cool Vintage Phones- And last but not least, consider a cool retro phone. I have created a list of 31 phones that can connect either to a landline or are just used for decoration.  There is something entirely comforting in seeing an old style chunky landline phone.  They make great decorative items for home offices.